Solar Dryer In India Is one Of the Best Post Harvest Technology, there are many types of Solar Dryers available In India, Ther are Lot many Solar Dryer Manufacturer In India, There are Different Quality Of Solar Dryer and Different Cost Of Solar Dryer, Here are Some Of the Solar Dryer Names,

Here there are many "Types Of Solar Dryers" available In Market. Our efforts to let the people know about Solar Dryers its functioning, and available Types In market and its maximum Uses with more benefits to farmers and Reduction In Post Harvest Losses.

As per the heating Mode Of Solar Dryers there are main Classification done As "Indirect Solar Dryer" where the product to be dried don't have direct exposure to solar radiation and mainly the all heating is done by Hot Air the main heating mode working here is Convective Heat Transfer only. here the efficiency is less due to single heat mode but the quality of the dried product is best compare to other modes.

The another Heating mode based classification is "Direct Solar Dryer" where the product to be dried is in direct exposure to solar radiation the main heating is done by Conduction and Radiation. Here the Efficiency of the dryer Is Higher Compare to Indirect one. Special Sheets and UV protection material to be used To Prevent The UV radiation falling on the products.

The Another Classification Is "Mixed Mode Solar Dryer" this is the combination of Direct as well as Indirect Heating mode here efficiency of the complete dryer increases as well as cost and total area also increases. Very less installation you can find for this type. here the drying rate per square meter is highest.

Bye heating mode dryers can be classified as "Convective Solar Dryers" of "Forced Convection Solar Dryers" in this dryers the main heating mode used is only Convective heating mode where the Air is heated by means of Collectors and that hot air is mainly forced fully thrown in to the drying chamber this can be Indirect heating or Mixed mode heating can be used in this kind of Dryers. another type is "Solar Conduction Dryers" where the solar radiation heat the drying tray and that metal conductive heat is transferred to products to be dried this can be Direct Type Or Mixed mode type of Dryers.

By design, look and shape there are many more classification are done. If the Dryer is made with Cabinet Type Structure You Can name that Dryer As "Solar Cabinet Dryer" . if the design and construction is looking like Box Type Structure Then its Classified as "Solar Box Dryer". If the construction looks like big Tunnel shape Its Classified as "Solar Tunnel Dryer". In same design if the construction or shape looks like bigger tent Is Classified as "Solar Tent Dryer". Here performance of all dryer depends on the material used the for trapping the heat, material used in tray, and air circulation pattern and total volume of the dryer. Small Solar Box Dryer and Cabinet Dryers with same capacity Solar Tent or Tunnel Dryer will give better results as the total volume to be heated per Square meter of Solar Heat Collection area is less in Box And Cabinet Dryers.

As per the Commodity Drying The Name Given Are "Solar Fruit Dryer", "Solar Vegetable Dryer", "Solar Fish Dryer", "Solar Herb Dryer", "Solar Mushroom Dryer", "Solar Dryer For Fruits And Vegetables", "Solar Dryers For Flowers", "Solar Dryer For Agricultural Products", "Solar Dryer For Moringa Leaves", "Solar Dryer For Tomatoes", "Solar Dryer For Chilies", "Solar Dryer For Copra", "Solar Dryer For Pineapple", "Solar Dryer For Chiku" , "Solar Industrial Dryer" Etc. here the Name of Different Commodities are there but the process and dryer remains same, one can dry Fish In Solar Vegetable dryer also.